G. Kanaševičius IĮ "DESĖ"

G. Kanaševičius IĮ “DESĖ” had started its activity in 1994. Administrational and production building had grown in the territory of Zasliai town, in Kaisiadoriai region. The territory of Zasliai neighborhood is a unique place having state protected natural objects and famous legends.

The activity of the company – fish processing. In the production accommodations of the company the fish is being salted, marinated, baked and culinary products are being prepared. Mostly frozen herring fillet and herring itself are being processed here. They are imported from Norway and Iceland. Around 130 people are working in the company.

G. Kanaševičius IĮ “DESĖ” prepares around 3 thousand tones of fish production annually. All production corresponds with European Union food safety standards. Prepared products are of unique taste and supreme quality.

The production is exported to Great Britain, United States of America and also to our neighbor states – Latvia and Estonia.

In Baltic States “DESĖ” sells the production under the trademarks of “NARDO”, “KAINA – KOKYBĖ”, “DESĖ” and also the products under the signs of other distributors. “DESĖ” production in Lithuania also is signed with the trademarks of the biggest market nets.

“DESĖ” prepares products of exclusive taste that had earned several awards. The pride of the company – herring fillet “Eglutė”, herring fillet “Mozaika”, herring fillet in oil with spices, herring fillet “Šventinė” with withered tomatoes, herring fillet in mustard sauce and other.

Quality management system RVASVT is introduced in the company. Also the company is provided with European veterinary number for fish products.